Is the classic casino bonus under threat by new regulations?

They’ve become a classic part of British culture, but now the casino bonus adverts many are used to seeing daily could be pulled for the airwaves due to potential new regulations. The casino bonus has been around since online casinos first launched back in the late 1990s and has definitely reached classic status amongst players. The reason why player’s are so drawn to them is in large part due to the way they’re advertised, but why is it such adverts are in line to be ditched putting the casino bonus under threat in the process?

What shocks most is that while British online gambling websites have proven to be a plus point for the British economy, government officials still have it out for the industry. So much so that new and extensive statutory measures have been rumoured for some time, with the risk factor of such forcing casinos to take action of their own in order to prevent them. Four of the biggest British online casinos in Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, William Hill, and Coral have committed to a series of voluntary measures to help prevent statutory measures from being enforced. The statutory measures being proposed, should the UK gambling industry not increase self-regulation, have the potential to bring the field to its knees. For one, the aggressive advertising that the online gambling industry utilises will be outlawed, bringing an end to many of the quirky adverts that current punters seem to enjoy. Secondly, casino bonuses in general will be put under a level of control that could reduce their purpose to almost nothing. As for the moment, players can still easily find an online casino with Mrcasinon that offers bonuses to UK players.

While the statutory regulations are undoubtedly harsh, the industry is doing all they can to prevent them, coming forward voluntarily in order to protect their businesses. Several major online casinos have promised to stop airing adverts that promote casino bonus offers before the 9pm watershed in what is being dubbed as “voluntary TV ban”. Such commercials are considered a key realm of promotion for online casinos, as the platform allows them to reach millions through major television events. It is estimated that casino bonus related averts make up 20% of all online casino advertising, but that is set to reduced to 0% (pre-watershed) come October 1st when the voluntary ban comes into place. While Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, William Hill, and Coral are the names involved right now, Bet365 is expected to also come forward and volunteer, with others sure to follow.

Speaking on the voluntary ban Ladbrokes chief executive Richard Glynn said “Online betting has been long-time leisure activity for millions within the British public, but we are not foolish enough to ignore the fact that the public have concerns over our operations. Thankfully, we are doing all we can to endorse fun and responsible gambling in the UK”. Coral chief executive Carl Leaver spoke on the matter by saying “We all know that actions speak louder than words. So, that is why we are working with SENET to fine-tuning our promotional operations”. Lastly, Paddy Power chief executive said, “Responsible gambling has always been at the heart of what we do and that is only set to increase further moving forward”.

The voluntary measures have being widely well received outside of the industry, but those within it have showcased just concern. The classic casino sign-up bonus is a core way in which online casinos promote themselves to new customers, without TV advertising many wonder how online casinos will be able to reach national audiences. While the voluntary ban will stave of statutory measures for now, one must wonder at what cost. To keep up on the latest bonus offerings available at European casinos, you can head over to They publish news related to casino promotions, and also rank and review the leading casinos on the market.

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